GSH proudly hosting the 2022 Cantillon Zwanze Day

The story behind Zwanze..

Every year Brasserie Cantillon release a unique beer and select a few specific locations worldwide to showcase what is known as Cantillon Zwanze (prononced: Zwa-zay).

This Lambic beer is brewed in the Pajottenland region of Belgium southwest of Brussels and in Brussels itself since the 13th century.

Cantillon is the last operating lambic brewery in Brussels and the Zwanze only gets released annually — therefore: super rare!

This year The Gilbert Street Hotel will be hosting Cantillon Zwanze Day 2022 — Lucky us!

About the 2022 Cantillon Zwanze..

— A note from Cantillon

” This year’s Zwanze is a two-year-old Lambic blend with black pepper.

For this year’s beer, we worked with Sandrine from Misao: La Maison des Poivres here in Brussels.

Sandrine had us try various types of Congolese pepper, and we eventually decided on one called poivre de Gorilles.

This pepper grows wild in the forests of the Republic of the Congo. Aromatic, but not too spicy, it blends beautifully with the refreshing acidity of our Lambic.

The name poivre de Gorilles comes from the area where it grows, in Likouala Forest, located in the North Eastern region of the Republic of the Congo.

This forest is home to a significant population of Lowland gorillas – a species in danger of extinction.

That’s why we’ll be donating a portion of the profits from the event to Gorilla an organization which works to protect these Great Apes. “

Cantillon Zwanze Day at GSH
September 24th
12am to 5pm

Tickets $100pp.

Your ticket includes:

– A commemorative GSH Zwanze Day 2022 Glass– Glass of Zwanze Beer 2022– Glass of 2 other Cantillon beers– A ‘sour inspired’ appetiser menu designed by the GSH kitchen


There are a small number of Limited Edition Zwanze Day tshirts available so you can remember the occasion (and look pretty sharp!)

Shirt price (Ticket Holder) : $35
Non-ticket Holders: $45